Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Holding accountable

Now that Taylor Behl is being laid to rest, those of us on the outside should reflect on the vehicle that contributed to her demise, MYSPACE.COM. Were it not for this site and all the other like it where prey (the Taylors of the world) set out their lives to predators (her killer), I suspect the ability of the predator would be quite diminished.

In addition, if our system actually dealt with these evil doers properly (death to them all, there ain't no such thing as rehabilitation), we might have fewer predators preying on our children. And yes Taylor Behl waws a mere child. Seventeen is not grown, neither is 18, 19, 20 or even 21 for that matter. In today's protective, indulgent society, our children are much less mature than we were 30 years ago. Most idiots confuse our children's lack of naiveté with maturity. Maturity requires responsibility, something most young people have not had at the same level as their parents. And we of the babyboomer generation had less than our parents.

Please contact your congressman. Ask them to make sure people such as those who run sites like MYSPACE.COM are held accountable as accessories to the crimes committed by those who lurk on their sites. MYSPACE provided the vehicle and those in charge may shake their heads no but they are accountable and will be held accountable in the end.