Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who's in charge?

Once more I will try to teach what I know to others.

First, one must grasp the concept of creator and created. This is easy for one who believes in God as the Creator and the universe as the created. Now take this a step down the ladder. The People created the Constitution and thus become the "creator" at that level. The Constitution is the "created." The Constitution created the legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches of govenrment. Thus relative to our government the Constitution is the "creator" and branches are the "created". Placing all this in perspective, the Congress, Presidency, and judiciary are two levels BELOW the People. And the inferior tribunals, i.e. other federal courts outside the SC are three levels below the People since the Congress creates those courts. Even the SC is under the control of Congress as Congress is authorized to make such rules and exceptions to the courts power as Congress sees fit.

The most succinct statement about the position of government and especially the courts comes from Sir William Blackstone, codifier of the Laws of England. Blackstone states : "For whenever a question arises between the society at large, and any magistrate vested with powers originally delegated by that society, it must be decided by the voice of that society itself. There is not upon earth any other tribunal to resort to." We the People are in charge!

We the People in a simple majority hold the legitimate authority to override any and all decisions that government officials make. Constitutions are the rules for the government NOT the rules for the People. Constitutions contain the authorities that We the People delegate to our lawful, constitution-obeying representatives. Those who fail to uphold and support the Constitution to the spirit and letter of its existence are not lawful representatives.

In the case of eminent domain, which by the way is only part of the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution because the 5th amendment applies to ALL property not just real, the prohibition is clear and concise. There is no room for the SC to interpret anything because the SC is created by the Constitution and the subordinate SC cannot determine the meaning/powers of the superior Constitution just as People cannot determine the power/meaning of God. The SC cannot decide what public use is. It must be public use in the way that the majority of We the People understand. We wrote the document, it means what WE say it means NOT what a subordinate creation says it means. We the People have been hornswoggled into believing the supreme Court is the boss. It is not, as ever We the People are.

We the People wrote the Constitution. We the People gave the only powers we thought necessary to the federal government in clear, concise words. We the People are in charge and can change the Constitution if we see fit. The amendment process is th eway in which our elected representative MUST go in order to get permission from tWe the People to exercise powers not delegated by the current Constitution. The amendment process DOES NOT BIND the People. We are free to change the Constitution at any time with a simple majority just as did the men we call the Framers. They met together to amend the Articles of Confederation and decided, screw it, lets make a new set of rule from scratch. We the People do not need the government's permission to change the rules, that is a power we reserved to ourselves.

We the People seem to get up in arms when governments take real estate and give it to another private party. If one were knowledgeable about the 5th amendment, one would recognize that a requirement that just compensation be paid for private property taken for public use is a blanket prohibition on private property being taken for private use since our system requires grants of power and that which is not granted is withheld (10th amendment). But this taking private property for private use is commonplace. We take money as taxes, private property, and hand it out as aid (welfare, disaster, foreign), loans, etc to private parties. All these uses of private property are unconstitutional. There is no difference between taking rela property and all private property except that most of We the People are in ignorance of the truth. The 5th amendment not only protects real property from eminent domain, it protects ALL private property from government theft.

Stand up. Quit thinking you learned something in school/college and read the Constitution. It's not difficult. It has nothing hidden.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pro-life = anti-abortion not anti killing; pro death penalty = hypocrite?

Those who claim that religious persons who are pro-life and pro-death penalty are hypocrites are simply ignorant.

Pro-life means anti-abortion. Abortion, regardless of how you coat it with icing, is the murder of an innocent. Pro-death penalty is the killing of the guilty. The commandment is "Thou shalt not commit murder." It is not "Thou shalt not kill."

Pro-choice supporters advocate the murder of innocents. Pro-death penalty supporters advocate the removal of evil from our midst. Hypocritical? No.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Says it all