Thursday, January 12, 2006

Troops on our border??

This item seems to be everywhere right now and governors all along the border are jumping on the bandwagon but it's the wrong bandwagon. The federal government is constitutionally required to protect the states from invasion BUT the federal government has absolutley no authority in the area of immigration and VERY, VERY limited authority in the area of naturalization. Immigration is a state issue and must be dealt with by each state. States having borders with foreign nations need to develop and implement their own border control plan.

The feds already have the unconstitutional border patrol/INS department. No authority over immigration means no authority over immigrants, no INS. Yes, there are customs issues that the fed is to regulate but beyond those, the rest is up to the states to deal with.

Now, the call is for full military to patrol the border. That will lead to even greater limitations on freedom. The real people who are supposed to guard our borders are the militia of each state. But Oh my God, the would mean that the people of each state would have to actually get off their asses and get ready to keep and bear Arms in the service of their state. The national guard is not the militia, the NG is a quasi-constitutional perpetual army, something the Framers warned about. Troops kept up in time of peace generally end up oppressing their own people. The militia are the people, you, me, all of us and we are supposed to be trained to Arms, able to do what is needed. The Minuteman Project was in reality the proper constitutional approach to the issue of immigration, legal or illegal. It is the people taking care of things themselves.

The government cannot do it for us. Government only does it to us. Beware of what you wish, for you my get it.



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