Thursday, April 27, 2006

How f---ing stupid R we ???????

Lord, help me. I read headlines on major news channels, I hear the freaking congress screaming tax the oil companies, I see shit everywhere. We the People are so f---ing stupid it boggles the mind.

On FOX there is this headline:

"Equal Protection?
Opinion: The media seems to have convicted the Duke rape suspects "

How stupid are they? First the equal protection clause binds ONLY the States, not even the federal government and for that matter, the Constitution is a set of rules FOR THE GOVERNMENT to follow, not for people, not for the media. If the f---ing media wants to convict the suspects, that is their choice. Is it wrong? Yes. unethical? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Unconstitutional? No!

Are we innocent until proven guilty? Not really. That concept is just our form of due process and once someone is charged the normal human response is to believe. If one has had any run in with government agents (cops), one knows the truth. That the government gets whomever it wishes to get, manufactured evidence and all.

And then this:

"Senate Oil Probe
Senate Finance Committee asks IRS for companies' tax records amid soaring gas prices"

Congress is going to tax the windfall profits. BFD, that means We the People still pay the price for gas but the government, who really f000s things up, will reap the rewards and have more of our money to spend on unconstitutional shit. Or Congress is going to look into the tax records of the companies? For f---ing what? Hell close to $0.50 of every gallon is direct tax by government.

While I believe the oil companies are gouging us and I know for a fact that public oil, oil from leases on government land, is making profits for private persons and companies. When oil first hit $40 a barrel, the US was selling Alaska oil to Japan for $14 a barrel. If Congress wants to fix the problem, require no profit on all oil produced from government lands.

So pull your head out, pay attention, learn something, and quit being stupid.

Business practices, ethical or not, are based on charging what the traffic will bear. If you don't like the prices, don't use the product. Get some f---ing exercise and walk.


Monday, April 10, 2006

When the families testify

It has become commonplace for the families of victims of violence to testify during the final phases of trials. These families wrought with emotion, pained in their loss come forward asking for vengeance. Yes, vengeance. Family testimony is not justice. Family testimony is solely about vengeance.

Justice is blind (or is supposed to be) not simply so that race, creed, etc are ignored but also so that the pain and suffering of those left behind is not used to corrupt the proceedings. Hard is the man who cannot sympathize and empathize with those in pain. Hard is the man who cannot sympathize and empathize with those who can no longer hold and comfort their loved one. But justice is not about emotion. Justice is about truth and about fairness.

The Bible teaches that "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord". We as citizens of the World and the Universe must remember this. When family testimony is presented it has nothing to do with bringing the guilty to justice, it is a way of wreaking vengeance upon the one who brought the pain.