Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My fix for illegal aliens

We have been told it is too costly or to whatever to remove the 11+ million illegal aliens already in the United States. So lets accept the premise that these claims are valid.

How then can the problem with illegal aliens entering this country be solved once and for all? Here is my solution.

Let them stay. Next amend the US Constitution to remove all possibility of citizenship in perpetuity for any person not entering the US through proper channels, and for their descendants, and include the following bans as part of that constitutional amendment. I say amend the Constitution in order to keep another Congress from easily altering the law.

Next ban, in perpetuity, the illegal alien and all descendants from receiving health care of any form on the backs of the taxpayers. Then ban them and their descendants from obtaining any services such as public education, food stamps, welfare, free legal services, etc excepting, of course, private sources for these funds.

For a person to be legally in the United States or one of them, that person should have registered with all pertinent government entities, i.e. the federal government agents, state agents, and local agents, before entry. If documentation including a photograph, DOB, parents' name, the name of the illegal alien, and other pertinent data is not in the registry and that person is inside the borders of any of the United States, then that person is made a guest worker subject to all guest worker requirements BUT with the foregoing restraints outlined in the above paragraphs with respect to citizenship, etc.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Human rights violations

A simple statement for politicians in the US:

People who live in glass houses should not cast stones!

Clean up the violations that occur daily here before worrying about the rest of the world.