Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Changing my attitude

I am the eternal pessimist. The glass is always half full.

I am the eternal perfectionist. No one ever does it correct, especially me.

I am ...

Trying to change my outlook. Life sometimes kicks you in the face. I have had a major crisis in my life. My youngest child, now 18, and the family have fallen at odds. My child is living with my B-I-L and sister. May God grant them blessings for eternity for being there to support us. My relationship with them was distant for many years but they came through.

So how does one go about making the necessary changes to one's long running negativity? First one must recognize the negativity. In my case, negativity is part and parcel of everyday. I am negative about the quality of education in the world and that this lack of education affects EVERYTHING from work, to driving, to life itself. I am negative about the failure of the People to recognize the "truth" about government and its relationship with the People. I am negative about having to be "PC". I am negative about not being able to hire people who will do the job to the best of their abilities and not being able to easily replace those who do not. I am negative about the garbage we allow in college in the name of "equality". be it ignorant, uneducated students or professors. I am negative about the lack of qualifications of many of those who "earn" (are given) bachelor's degrees and even more negative about the many minorities and women who are given advanced degrees. Yes, look at yourself. The requirements for non-white, non-male students are nonexistent. Does this hurt your self-esteem? I would hope so. Whoops, there I go being negative again. I apologize.

So how do I fix things? You see I am "Mr. Fix-It", that guy or that Dad who took care of everything all the time. When a problem arises, who do you call? "Mr. Fix-It". If only I could. Because I am not in charge, because I cannot "fix" everything, my frustration level grows and my personal life suffers. Are you beginning to see yourself? I hope so.

My first step is to learn to leave my negatives outside the door. Accentuate the postive aspects of each minute. Are you still alive? Yes, that is a positive.

The most important persons in my life are my wife and children. Last week I saw my behaviors, my attitude come through and devastate my family. Am I a "bad" Dad? To some extent. Am I a "good" Dad? To some extent. I am a Dad. Fallible, loving, caring, wanting only the best for each of my children. I wish them liberty, prosperity, happiness, peace, and security. Will I give my life for them? Yes and damn yes. Have I done everything right? No. I have all too often placed too much emphasis on the tangible and not enough on the intangible.

So how does one go about changing one’s attitude. I can’t answer that for you. I am starting with counseling, and reading self-help/attitude altering books. Will it work? Ask me a year from now.

If I am able to rebuild my relationship with my daughter and keep my family together and safe, the answer will be a resounding yes. If I am able to survive and provide my children with increased survival skills, the answer is still yes. The most important factor is do I want to change and that answer is and has been yes for a long time.

May you find peace with God.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Global warming is BS

How about global cooling? the coming ice age? as claimed in the 1970s. Same thing with the BS about the ozone hole. It is natural. The hole occurs because of the physics of the planet related to the position of the sun and the production of ozone by sunlight. Yes, you got that ozone needs sunlight to form.

Local, microclimate changes due to excessive build up of buildings etc. Yes. How to fix. Move everyone out of the cities and into their own farm. If we believe the global warming claims all the CO2 emitted by humans during the entire industrial era is hanging out there in the atmosphere and has not entered into the global carbon cycle. Huh????? Must be special compounds emitted by human not subject the vagaries of thermodynamics like "natural" chemical compounds are. Same kinds of claims by the ozone hole "chicken littles".

Global warming info: