Thursday, October 18, 2007

American Community Survey - Big Brother in your business

If you haven't heard of the American Community Survey, you will. The census bureau comes at you claiming things are changing so fast they need to collect data more than once every ten years. And so an intrusive 50 question survey comes to your randomly selected address. Not to anyone in particular, but to RESIDENT. With it comes the letters, threatening the recipient, coercing the recipient, extorting information from the recipient. You are required by law to respond to this survey.

If you don't respond, the census rep will begin to call you. Then if that doesn't work, they will come to your home or place of work. Oh yes, even though addressed to recipient, they know who you are and more. They will continue to tell you that you are required by law to respond.

Will you respond? Take a look at the questionnaire.

Need some backbone go here

Wonder who is trying to help stop this abuse? Check out Ron Paul's remarks

Please share this with everyone you can. Most people have never even heard of this. Big Brother is here and he's coming for you.Of course they use intimidation that participation is required by law. If this was a valid and proper law, no intimidation or threats over fines would be needed.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Washington Gun Ban

I, like most people who can read, recognize that the Second Amendment protects Arms (not just firearms) in the hands of the People. The purpose is not for hunting or for protection from other people. As can be found in any and all Constitutional writings from the time of the Founding, the second amendment was about an armed citizenry being able to recapture their government when it becomes unbearable. For and excellent read see Joseph Story's Commentaries on the Constitution for the United States of America written in 1833.

The case in DC however really hinges on a different part of the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, paragraph 17. In this delegation of power, Congress was given "exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever,". So how does this impact the above mentioned case?

Exclusive legislation means exclusive of other governing bodies. It is not "absolute" legislation but exclusive. The states from which the area for the capital was taken relinquished all authority over such area. Thus Congress is the sole body that may legislate in DC.

Can Congress pass this authority to the DC Council? The answer is a resounding, "No!" First, Congress is not granted any authority in the Constitution to delegate that whcih was delegated to them. This would be a breach of trust. Once the authority is delegated to Congress, only Congress may exercise that authority. In addition, the Constitution states emphatically and explicitly that Congress shall "exercise exclusive legislation in all Cases whatsoever". If the DC Council can exercise legislation over DC then Congress' authority is no longer "exclusive", which is in violation of a direct statement in the Constitution. So all the laws, including the guns laws, passed by the DC Council have no legitimacy because within the area known as the District of Columbia only Congress may legislate.

Now the "exclusive legislation" clause is often claimed to be even exclusive of the Constitution but this is easily shown to be not so. Without the Constitution no power "to exercise exclusive legislation in all Cases whatsoever" exists so the exclusivity is limited to being exclusive of other governments but is still subordinate to the requirements and restictions of the Constitution for the United States.