Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Militia and Why the government is not authorized to determine membership

The Constitution for the united States of America uses the term, Militia, in a number of sections. The document does not define the Militia and subsequently, government acts have attempted to do so.
The point is that the Militia predates, that is preexists, the formation of the federal and even the state government(s). Thus the neither the federal nor the state government holds the authority to determine membership in the Militia.

Some will argue that the power to "organize, arm, and discipline the Militia" includes the power to determine membership. That is patently false. The words directly imply the pre-existence of the Militia and do not state an authority to determine membership. "to organize" is not to decide membership; it is to take the existing members and place them into an "organization".

The Militia is, in its most general state, the entire body of the citizenry, able to to keep and bear Arms, male and female, old and young.

The primary purpose of the Militia is the protection of the free State, a state of being and a free government.

If the government were legitimately in control of the membership of the Militia, the government would have absolute power and total control of the people. The government could decide the militia are everyone under age 4 or over age 80, or everyone with one left eye and two left feet. But the Militia were there BEFORE the government.

So long as humans have existed and banded together for protection, the Militia have been there.