Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why we exist

I am always thrilled to see certain people decide to not reproduce. In general, these people are doing the world a great favor by not continuing to include their genes in the gene pool. They are not being good stewards of the Earth nor are they benefitting the world as they may think.

Yes, overpopulation is problematic. Couples who have too many children to care for are a problem.

But the reason we exist is to procreate. There is nothing more we leave behind. Even the great inventions, ideas, theories of the brilliant minds of those that have gone before us are replaced or discarded as things change. But our children are our future. They are our permanent mark, showing that we were once here.

I do thank those who voluntarily choose not to procreate. That leaves more Earth for my children to enjoy.


Friday, January 04, 2008


I need to share something with you. Since you are reading this, I suspect you are with the living. Of course, I could be wrong. There are many among the living who are actually dead, at least brain dead.

Here it is:

Life begets death.

Ok, get over it. Nothing you can do will keep you from dying. Can you speed up death? I can't answer that one. No one can truly say whether or not you were preprogrammed to die at a certain time in a certain way. Can you postpone death? Again, I can't answer that for you. All I can tell you is that whether you are a pauper or a king, famous, infamous or unknown, skinny, fat, ugly, or beautiful, smart or dumb, life has set you on a course to meet death. Everyone of us goes out of here the same way, tits up. The battery runs out. Bought the farm.

Good luck trying to stop the inevitable. Just live life to the fullest each day. Do good. Do no harm to youself or others.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Treaty of Tripoli

Here it is in the Emglish translation. The original was written in Arabic and offered TO the US. This treaty was not offered by the US to Tripoli.

Often used to "prove" that the US is not a Christian Nation and that the US was not founded by Christians, the Treaty of Tripoli is an example not of the facts claimed but of the simple basics of diplomacy. The Treaty of Tripoli was written by the other side, the Mohammedans, in their words with their beliefs. It was not written by anyone on the US side of things and cannot be considered to have any meaning concerning the true US beginnings. Those who attempt to "prove" things with the treaty have a greater faith than those who recognize that the words of the Treaty are meaningless with respect to the start of the US.

Before you open you mouth and make claims about the religiousness of the Founders and the so-called separation of church and state, you might want to order and read:

And maybe you should go to and find some early biographies (prior to 1900) of the Founding Fathers.

Also, note the the First Amendment is orders to keep the State out of the Church. The Constitution are the rules for the government to follow. The First Amendment DOES NOT prohibit the Church from being involved in the State so long as as the federal level, Congress passes no laws respecting an establishment of religion. Nothing more. Nothing less. The Executive and the judicial branches can be involved in religion as deeply as theyr want since the First Amendment does not apply to those branches.