Thursday, April 30, 2009

What are they hiding?

Why would ANYONE hide their birth certificate and college transcripts, especially someone in high places? If there is nothing to fear from exposing the information, one should have honor and integrity and just provide the information. We the People have the right AND the authority to demand these things, at least the birth certificate. We the People also have the right to recall any and all elected officials. Neither Congress nor the Courts nor the President can decide we do not have such power. That which is not granted is withheld and there is nothing in the Constitution stating that the People give up any authority over changing the government ANY TIME We the People wish to do so.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting the US economy on track

First, halt ALL government spending immediately. Shut down all government agencies.

Second, eliminate ALL government programs not explicitly enumerated in the Constitution. Fund only those items explicitly enumerated in the Constitution, e.g. the Navy.

Third, institute a constitutional mandate that limits government expenditures to no more than the amount of taxes collected in the past single calendar year.

Fourth, eliminate the IRS and ALL "income" and property taxes.

Fifth, establish a "sales" tax with a constitutional maximum limit of 10%.

Sixth, eliminate all lobbying allowing only for individual contact with the individual's representatives.

Seventh, require the government to prioritize based 1) on the Constitution's provisions and 2) on Union-wide requirements.

Leave the People their property, their labor, their value to with as each pleases.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

President fires CEO of GM

Please point out which of the President’s ten enumerated powers grants him the authority to fire ANYONE.

There are questions in legal cases as to whether or not he can get rid of appointees without the approval of the Senate.

If it’s not in his delegated powers, maybe it can be pointed out in legislation but if it is in such legislation, please point out which of Congress 25 enumerated powers provides the authority to give the President such power.

Or maybe it;s just another violation of the Constitution, you know, that set of explicit, extremely limited rules for the operation of the government of our country that no one seems to understand and fewer want functioning. If it ain’t there in writing, it ain’t given and anyone exercising a power that is not delegated has violated the oath of office.

Tiochfaidh ar la!