Thursday, June 25, 2009

Importance of people

Governor Sanford of SC recently "disappeared". He was AWOL without his security detail. He didn't leave anyone in charge.


People act like the world would end if their governor disappeared when in fact their world would actually improve.

Why the HELL does a governor need a security detail? If the governor is honorable, pious, and serves the people as he'she is supposed to do, the governor has nothing to fear. Besides there is no governor so important the assassination of whom would have any major negative effect on anyone or anything. Replacements are already in line and often the system will function without that person.

People believe these politicians are our leaders when in fact politicians are our SERVANTS.

For every elected position, there exists an inplace OP if and when the office holder is incapacitated. The office holder doesn't decide, the law does.

Had Governor Sanford really disappeared, it would have taken just moments for the next person to take the reigns of SC. Besides, places like NM have operated just fine with the presence of the governor.

The US would function perfectly well without the President, without Congress, without the Courts. IMO, the US would function better with more efficiency without administrative people.

So next time, you feel the urge to disappear, think carefully, will anyone REALLY miss you?

I'll bet not.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama: Constitutional Scholar - Right?

Obama wants to give government new powers to take over corporations. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. THe government can give itself powers any time they want to.


What the FUCK!

Doesn't ANYONE out there, besides me, have a brain? THe government can't give itself ANY powers AT ALL. The government HAS NO POWERS except those We the People ALLOW the government to exercise. No change in powers can be made without an amendment adding or removing powers AFTER approval by We the People.

Harry Truman wanted to seize the steel mills. The supreme Court ruled that to be unconstitutional. Obama taught Constitutional Law. Did he fucking miss that one?

If you aren't scared yet, you will be. Much worse is yet to come.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Diversity in the US

Bill Clinton says the US is growing more diverse. He insinuates that this is a good thing. Obama talks of the US as one of the "largest" muslim countries.

I look at the world and recognize that no other country in history ever had the greatness of the US, a greatness built directly on the minds of Europeans, following the teachings of one book, the Holy Bible.

Many of you will disagree but that merely is evidence of your lack of knowledge and wisdom. Or maybe your lack of courage to state facts as facts.

The US was NOT built on the backs of slaves. Slaves were too valuable for most dangerous work, so instead low valued persons performed that work. Who were these low valued persons? Irish, Chinese, etc.

The identical and combined concepts of freedom, liberty, human rights, did not exist elsewhere in the world prior to the formation of the United States. No other country had the coimbined greatness of men brought together on a foreign continent to create something new. The hand of God guided these men. Again if this is not something you already know, then your education was sorely lacking.

The development of more diversity in the US will spell the end of the great experiment. No other culture on Earth ever created what our ancestors crearted. All that the current generation of "leaders" has done is to tear down everything that was great, replacing it with mediocrity. The US has become a mediocre society, granting favor to a particular skin color, or a particular race, or what have you. Why? Because it destroys what white Europeans gave to this country. Because no where in any other culture did such greatness flourish.

Look at the world. Name another culture that created so much in so little time. The US was blessed by the Lord Almighty with people of great capability. But the core ideas for the US come from Christianity and the principles written in the Holy Bible. You can argue all you want but you will always be wrong. The proof is there for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Nothing is hidden except from those who do not want to accept the truth.


Friday, June 05, 2009

The Greatest Threat to Freedom?


That's correct. YOU are the greatest threat to freedom. You are ignorant! You are NOT well educated! You haven't studied the founding, the Founders, and the books that influenced the creation of our system of government in depth. You sit on your ass watching TV, drinking beer, and oogling girls. You don't stand for anything or for anyone. Your apathy and laziness has allowed the "progressives" to expand their power to the point that it may take a violent revolution to get the Union back on track. Who is this YOU? Everyone who has not voted against every incumbent on the ballot. Everyone who has not stood up for what was right, EVERY time, and regardless of consequences. Everyone who has let someone else take the heat and do the task.

This includes me for all too often I have sat quietly by and not spoken out. What do we have to fear? The government can do no worse to us than is already done. We are living in fear daily because we are afraid our government will come and take us away. Put your faith in the Lord Yeshua. He will carry you out of this IF you have true faith.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Judges versus We the People

About "Who's the boss? Judge or society?

For, whenever a question arises between the society at large and any magistrate vested with powers originally delegated by that society, it must be decided by the voice of the society itself: there is not upon earth any other tribunal to resort to.
Sir William Blackstone, Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, Book I, Chp3, pg.205/6

Apparently, Blackstone is not taught in law school. Maybe because judges don't want to admit that WE THE PEOPLE are the boss and they are mere servants. Whenever WE THE PEOPLE decide something as a society, we override the judges EVERY TIME. When the state judges in Cali reviewed the SSM, they really had no authority because the people of California had spoken. According to Blackstone above, the people outrank the courts. Now had the case been brought in federal court, it might be a different matter.

As Blackstone says, Judges have no power except that delegated by society. We the People have been screwed, blued, and tatooed by judges. WE the People have been lied to about "Who's the Boss?" It's time we begin telling them to FO. In the 19th century the States quite often told the judiciary, including the SC, to FO regularly. For a bit more info, check out _Hamilton's Curse_ by DiLorenzo.

14th Amendment was unconstitutional because it created citizens where one cannot be a citizen, i.e. "of the United States". Can one be a citizen of the U.N.? Well, the U.S. is actually the original version of the U.N. with 50 nations (most call them states) as members. $1000 to the first person to find the US referred to as a nation in the Constitution. Can't do it. All references to the US as a "Nation" and the government as "national" were removed in 1787 at the urging of Mr. Ellsworth because, as he said, they were NOT forming a "nation". Why do people think the US is a "nation"? The big lie, brain-washing. The Pledge of Allegiance - used to destroy individual and state sovereignty.

Secondly, and I need to research this better, BUT I believe the southern States were denied suffrage in the Senate contrary to the Constitution's statement that no amendment shall be made that will deny equal suffrage in the senate. I suspect that since no power exists for Congress to deny suffrage and no amendment can be made, any denial of suffrage on the 14th would void the 14th. - Just a thought. Need to research.

There is a good paper on the web that I read 10-15 yrs ago about the law versus the predilections of the judges.

I suspect that We the People could decide that "bad behavior" for a judge was going against the will of the people since We the People have the final say, over Congress, the President, and the Judiciary. This is also noted in the Declaration of Independence - "alter or abolish" whenever We the People don't like the government.

Self-defense is not only a fundamental right, it is a requirement of service to our Lord. We are to protect our gift of life against those who would do us harm.

Don - While I stand by Rawle's view concerning the 2nd (and the BoR)for a myriad of reasons, I hadn't thought about the supremacy clause. It it my contention that the BoR was the best and correct place to enumerate the necessary requirements for "a republican form of government" which the feds MUST guarantee to each state. What better list than that of the BoR as the core of republican government!