Monday, October 05, 2009

Some questions

Most folks believe the federal government has not only the delegated powers but also implied powers that are "necessary and proper". Under this concpet, wouldn't the federal government have many powers to punish for criminal activities? Again most folks would say yes and go back to whatever they were doing.

I ask this question then, "Would not the power to punish treason be central to the protection of the federal government and would not the power to punish treason be expected to be part and parcel of the establishment of a federal government?"

Most folks again answer, "Of course!"

But I ask you this, "If the power to punish treason against the federal government should be vested in the federal government simply because it is the federal government, why, oh why, the those STUPID Founding Fathers know it was absolutely necessary to EXPLICITLY grant such power (Article III, Section 3.) ? Could it be that the federal government was given NO police powers EXCEPT a very few explicitly named powers such as those enumerated in the Constitution?

Of course, since the federal government has now made over 4000 federal crimes, we couldn't say that these laws are unconstitutional and all the people the feds have punished have been ILLEGALLY punished, could we!

Anyone who is a serious student of the Constitution for the United States of America recognizes what I say. No power is granted unless expressly stated in the Constitution. All lies about implied powers are proven to be such simply by reading and logically reasoning out why certain powers were granted. The wording of the document betrays those who would steal power from the People.

The government had no authority over money UNTIL it was granted in Article I, Section 8. And even then each tiny facet had to be granted, i.e. 1) to coin money, 2) to regulate the value of those coins, 3) to punish counterfeiting of the coins. Funny, if implied powers existed, then the Framers once more proved their ignorance by granting EACH of these tightly linked powers independently, as though there are no hidden, implicit links to other powers. What a concept!! How STOOPID was dey!!!!

The federal government has the power to punish in approximately six (6) instances. These are punishing the counterfeiting of the current securities and coin of the United States, punishing piracies and felonies ON THE HIGH SEAS and offenses against the law of Nations, punishing Treason against the United States, and setting the rules for governing and regulating the military. In no other area does the federal government have ANY authority to punish.

The words of the numerous amendments do not even include punishment authority. Just as the Framers demonstrated, a power in one area does not attach plenary power to punish violations of that area. There were never any broad grants of power. EVERY grant was tiny and narrow. Everyone who advocates toward a broad interpretation is a liar and usurper of authority.