Thursday, June 03, 2010

Stupid people

The Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever devised by man. Millions claim to support it or want it supported. Millions claim that they want a constitutional government. But I find that 99.99% don't know the Constitution at all. Even such organizations as heri--ge foundation and the C-t- Institute fail to properly provide an accurate Constitution.

Every group out there selling copies of the Constitution makes the same error and that error appears on the cover of the documents they sell. Every cover is labeled: "The Constitution of the United States. And this is the error.

The document is properly known as "The Constitution FOR the United States" because the Constitution is the People's rules FOR the government. The use of the word "of" alters the meaning and gives the appearance that the constitution is an outgrowth of efforts by the government rather than rules FOR the government to follow.

I have written to many of these organizations trying to get them to correct their error. Not one ever writes back.

Oh, yes. The evidence for my statement: the last words of the preamble of the Constitution. What I say is there in black and white but the stupid people of the world continue along merrily oblivious to the truth.

This is just another reason why people don't know the Constitution.