Friday, August 06, 2010


The current policies of our government is that We the People should be good little consumers and keep the economy ever expanding. We must buy, buy, buy to drive their plans to fruition.

Sad, but these policies make money our master. Money is a frightful master. Money or the quest for it consumes the soul and destroys life.

It is time to tell the government to go to hell, it's been sending us there long enough. Get control of you money. Turn your money into your servant and then you can do good with it, the good that YOU decide to do, not the good some bureaucrat forces down your throat.

Each of us understands that humans have needs and that in this world those needs most often require money to be met. But beyond the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter, what does each of us truly need?

God Bless!


We need to return to the Constitution

My G-d. I hear this crap all the time. The problem is NONE OF YOU actually know the Constitution. NONE OF YOU has the slightest idea what becoming Constitutional means.

I am not saying that it would be a mistake or wrong to return to a Constitutional government. I am saying ALL OF YOU are ignorant. 99.99% of you don't really want a return to the Constitution. You would have to give up "stuff." You couldn't get this or you couldn't have that or you couldn't exercise power over someone else.

If you REALLY want to learn more and you REALLY want to know the truth of the Constitution, message me here and we can discuss.