Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some geography

Four Corners - every child in the US grows up learning about this special place where four states come together at a single point. Trouble is it is a lie. There is no four corners. The land in that area including parts of CO, UT, AZ, and NM is NOT part of the individual states. The land was "rescinded" to the federal government as not being a part of the states by the Enabling Act. Thus the land never was nor is it now part of any state. Since four states do not exist at the "four corners", there can be no four corners. It's just another set of lies spread by the government.

Now, If the state boundaries are such as appear on most maps, then the land within those boundaries belongs to the State. In this manner, four corners could exist. Now the federal government set about keeping lands within most western states are a prerequisite to joining the Union. BUT the federal government has no authority to require such. Nor does the federal government have authority to form states. It may make rules and regs for the territory or it may dispose of the territory but no middle ground it allowed where the feds maintain some control over parts.

If we accept the territory status of these lands, then all persons living in those lands are not citizens of any state, nor can they legally vote in state elections. They might hold elections within their own territory but persons living in these federally held lands cannot vote in state elections.

More to come