Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA Feel-ups

First: Sit down.
Second: Shut up.
Third: Listen.

You don't know crisco from shineola about our government. The federal government DOES NOT HAVE the legitimate or legal authority to have the TSA. The federal governmetn DOES NOT HAVE the legitimate or legal authority to set up these or any other inspection points.

The Police Powers in the United States belong to the several States and NOT to the federal government. The federal government has EXACTLY 3 (three) police powers. The federal government has none other than those three which are explicitly stated in the Constitution.

All these abuses are at the hands of the feds, including the abuses faced by those of us along the border, are performed in order to get control of the people. And the SHEEPLE of America lie down, roll over, and bare it all so the government can do it.

So quit belly-aching. Stop putting up with illegal searches and seizures. The 4th amendment requires a warrant for any search to be "reasonable". "Probable cause" WITH the specifics of the search/seizure are required to get a warrant. ALL searches without a warrant are unreasonable. If you do not fight back, everyone else, including your progeny, will suffer greatly at the hands of those who will enslave us.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 Election

People are running around with the idea that things will change now that the other team is in the game. Do not believe it for one moment. The two parties are identical. The two parties are taking us to the same finish.

We the People did not win because We the People have 1) no concept of what really winning means and 2) no desire to return to the actual Constitution.

The government envisioned and established by the Framers bears absolutely no resemblance to any government that has been in power in the 230+ years the Union has been in existence.

The problem with the people is that they are brainwashed. They attended government schools. They were taught government truths in an agenda to wrest control from the People. And worse, these people are oblivious to this brainwashing. They have gone and continue to go through life as though they actually have some concept of the truth.

It is sad. The People have merely traded one set of tyrants for another.

If the People really wanted a return to a Constitutional government they would not choose either democrat or republican. And they surely would not support 99.99% of all the laws that have been passed. And they would require the removal of all federal judges for bad behavior.

We the People have won nothing. Those who run things will silently coopt the system once more and in the end the result will be the same.