Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tax the corporations

My God how ignorant the people are!! Tax the corporations and that will fix everything. Tax the rich and that will fix everything.


Corporations DO NOT PAY TAXES regardless of how high the rate is. Corporations merely pass on all costs to the consumer so higher tax rates means higher prices. So go ahead and call for higher taxes on corporations. YOU and I will pay. They will not.

Ah, The Rich. Those horrible folks that corner all the money. Let's tax the hell out of them. How much? All they have would be a good start. So let's look at all they have. From the Forbes richest 385 list, I determined that #250-385 have approx $1.25B ea for a total of $170B. #s 100 to 249 have about $2.5B ea for a total around $377B. #s 50 to 99 average about $4.5B ea totalling $230B. #s 25-49 come in around $7B ea for a total of $182B. Numbers 10-24 rough in around $208B. 5-9 around $120B total. And the top 4 have around $150B among them. Add these all up and if we took EVERYTHING these folks have we couldn't cover the current budget as it totals only $1.44 trillion or 1/10 of our current debt. We could then take everything from the next bunch. Assuming the next 1000 have all have less that $1B ea, lets say $750M ea, that brings in another $750B. Add in the 2.6 million folks that are "millionaires" and we almost reach half of the total current government debt. But look around because those "millionaires" are probably YOUR friends and family because this "WEALTH" is not just cash but includes EVERYTHING of value. Millionaires account for 1 out of every 120 people in the US.

The government wants class warfare. Divide and conquer said the Romans. By keeping those whose productivity has limited them to the lower wealth brackets angry at those who are in the greater wealth brackets, the government keeps everyone from knowing what the government is doing TO us. Yes, there are many folks who cheated and stole their way to riches and they should be punished using proper laws. But taking the wealth of EVERYONE will not fix th3e problem of the inmates running the asylum (Congress).