Friday, June 03, 2011

OK. Once more: It's unconstitutional.

Currently the government is considering placing higher taxes on the rich to make them pay their "fair" share. Many folks agree with this.

SORRY. BUT you, who agree, are 2 s2pid to continue living. The Constitution for the United States of America prohibits redistribution of wealth. "Where?", you the
s2pid person ask? Right there in the 5th amendment, say I.

The 5th amendment requires the government to provide "just compensation" for ALL private property taken for public use. The government must give just compensation to the rich for the greater amount of taxes imposed which means the government must give the higher taxed rich guy more than the government gives the non-taxed poor guy. If you pay no taxes, you are constitutionally nbot entitled to anything at all. No protection. No welfare. No nada. Can't be justly compensated when you haven't had anything taken. If you are given anything, then you are being overcompensated at the expense of someone else and that someone is being cheated under the 5th amendment. The sole answer is for the government to make everyone pay equally.

If you are poor, it is your own fault. Your behavior and choices put you in the position. Choose better and behave better.