Monday, November 19, 2012

The TRUE Vote

People are truly stupid. Folks are claiming that Obama received over half the votes. But that half is NOT half the votes, it is "half of the votes CAST". Close to 75% of the people rejected both Obama and Romney. Half the voters did not cast a vote in the booth but their absence from the booth DOES NOT MEAN they did not vote. The absolute undeniable truth is that by NOT going to the voting booth these people voted AGAINST the system. And so it is, we have a President, supported by only about 26% of the people trying to claim that the people voted for his policies. What garbage!!! The People chose "NONE OF THE ABOVE" by not voting. We should demand a new election where none of the candidates from this November's election can be on the ballot and try again. Maybe we can get someone who can lead or at least someone who will follow the law and not try to screw us.