Sunday, December 16, 2012

Murder of Innocents

Newtown, CT is a place where evil arose and wrought death. While the question of why arises, the answer is elusive. No matter, what happened is/was unimaginable to those with soul. But what could be the cause? God? The Devil? Man? Guns? God has been thrown out of our lives and especially out of our schools for 50+ years. In the OT, YHWH left the Israelites to the passions of those around them when the Israelites failed to follow God's laws. Here in the US we have decided man's laws are more important the God's laws. Could Newtown, CT be the result of turning out backs on God? I don't know. I do know that our schools were one of the first areas from which religion was banned. Does Satan, the evil one, walk the Earth? I believe so but he can only confuse humans, he cannot make humans act. Is man inherently evil? My answer is yes, definitely. And Mark Twain agrees heartily with me. Was this man's act evil? More so than anything I have witnessed in my 60+ years. Did guns cause the violence in CT? Absolutely not. Guns can do nothing. They are but an inanimate tool. Guns and those who own guns should not be punished. Those with mental illnesses must bee evaluated and controlled. For too long We the People have sat back while the courts have allowed unacceptable actions to occur. This is not a time for a call for gun control. This is a time to reevaluate people and their motives. Mental instability is a central factor in what happened. There was an evil in the young man in Newtown. That evil was born out of our failures.


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