Monday, December 03, 2012

The Seventeenth Amendment and why it was not properly ratified

The 17th Amendment removed the suffrage of the states from Congress and gave the People a second arm in Congress. Prior to the supposed passage of the 17th, Senators were chosen by the legislatures of each state to represent each state in the federal government. After the claimed ratification, the people elect Senators directly and thus the Senators like the Representatives represent the desires of the People and no longer represent the state in Congress. The Constitution proscribes the amendment process by stating that no state may be deprived of its suffrage in the Senate without its consent. Thus the 17th Amendment could not be ratified by the standard 3/4s vote. In order for the 17th Amendment to be properly and constitutionally ratified, a 100 % vote is/was required. It is my understanding that the 17th did not receive 100% support. So the 17th Amendment was never properly ratified because those who counted the votes failed to understand the limitation placed on taking state suffrage away from the state. Some may say that each state still has its suffrage but that is an affront to any sentient being. The state no longer controls who is a Senator and those in the senate no longer owe their state any allegiance. Senators owe their allegiance to the People and thus states have no suffrage in the Senate contrary to the requirements of the Constitution. See:


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