Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Judges: Where the hell did honor go?

This is a short post. We are constantly barraged with information from the left and the right concerning the appointment of judges at all levels. The left worries that the judges will be conservative and the right worries that the judges will be liberal and the people just worry because the judges usually screw the people. But how does this happen? Shouldn't judges be impartial so that they don't lean to the left or the right? Shouldn't judges actually adhere to the Constitution? The answers are yes, IF judges were honorable people. Of course, in the courtroom judges are referred to as his honor, your honor, or her honor but that's simply BS. That BS is used to make folks think judges have any honor or any legitimate code of behavior. The judges at all levels but especially at the supreme court level have corrupted and destroyed the very fiber of the United States. The judges have manipulated, lied, usurped, and simply ignored the supreme law of the land, OUR law, the People's law FOR the judges to follow. If the judges were honorable, there would be no fight, no need to worry about whether the left or the right appointed them and the decisions would not sway in the wind like a swing. So recognize that the judges are not honorable people, that they are not there to adhere to our supreme law. The judges are there to swing society in the direction that those who appointed the judges wants to move society. The left wants control over every aspect of everyone's life. The right does too.