Thursday, July 26, 2018

Commander in Chief

Before I blow an artery, the President IS NOT the Commander in Chief of the United States. The President is Commander in Chief of the land and naval forces and the Militia when called into the use of the United States. STOP CALLING THE PRESIDENT THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF. HE'S NOT.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Screaming - oil is a fossil fuel

Of course crude oil is a hydrocarbon and according to the "experts" hydrocarbons come from processes that occur to living tissue upon death. BUT ... Where did the carbon come from BEFORE it was living tissue? Where did the dinosaurs or plants or algae get their carbon? Of course the answer is FROM THE ABIOTIC CARBON all over the Earth. Carbon does not originate from living organisms. Living organisms do not occur UNTIL after carbon has been created by abiotic processes. From where comes carbon? Two probable sources. 1) Carbon occurs following the fusion of three helium atoms, helium being formed from the fusion of hydrogen atoms. 2) Carbon is released as a fission product from the heavier radioactive materials in the core of the Earth and other planets. Carbon is ubiquitous in the Universe. Moons and planets in our solar system have carbon. Entire lakes of hydrocarbons exist on moons like Titan. Was life there in abundance, leaving behind the hydrocarbon lakes? Probably not. So where did the hydrocarbons come from? Abiotic processes such as when carbon and hydrogen undergo bonding under the requrieed temperatures and pressures is a plausible explanation. Being less dense than the surrounding other atoms and compounds, the low density substances move toward the surface being displaced by high density materials such as magma. We are always being told oil is running out. The fossil fuels are being depleted. Hell, if dinosaurs are responsible for the oil that is found, one asks, "How many dinos does it take to make a barrel of oil?" So I assume on the high side that a barrel weighs 500 lbs and that living animals have 5% carbon. This allows one to calculate that it takes 1 10,000 lb dino to leave behind sufficient carbon for each barrel of oil. We produce literally millions of barrels oil DAILY so there had to have been millions, no billions of 10,000 lb dinos to leave behind sufficient carbon to meet the amount of oil we have already extracted. Even over millions of years that required a LOT of giant dinos running around to supply the vast amount of carbon. So maybe there's an alternative explanation. Find Dr Thomas Gold's articles. American Scientist (Sigma Xi) published one around 1993. Heck just check out Russian and many other scientists who support tha abiotic oil paradigm.