Monday, March 04, 2019


I've been considering Congressional power to subpoena folks and documents and stuff so I went about finding out from where Congress had such authority. Of course, the answer arises that the SONS OF BITCHES just made it up. Too often those in positions of federal power claim this or that authority as being part of the authorities of a sovereign nation. That is well and good EXCEPT that the United States is NOT A SOVEREIGN Nation, it is not a nation at all. The United States ARE a Union of sovereign nations, often called states. These States sent individual representatives to a convention in 1787 to clarify the powers of the United States and that meeting resulted in the Constitution for the United States. Under the central paradigm or idea of this new system of government, the government holds no powers except those that are granted. Those wishing to steal power tend to claim there are unwritten, "sovereign" powers that the federal government holds. That concept is a bald-faced lie regardless if made by the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branch. In OUR system of government, that which is not EXPLICITLY granted IN WRITING is withheld and remains with the States or with the original sovereigns, the People, as per the 10th Amendment. Anything anyone tells you differently is a lie and should be dealt with as a lie. Congress has no plenary power of any kind legally, constitutionally or legitimately. If the power is not spelled out in writing in the Constitution, it is not granted and any exercise of any power not explicitly granted is an illegal act. The People have been lied to by their servants since the beginning of the Union. It's time to stop being stupid and stop the liars, cheats, and Satanists from destroying our country. These usurpations of power have gone unchecked because you the People stupid and ignorant. You cannot trust ANYONE in any official capacity to follow rules that restrict their power. Hell, look at how many People rail against the 10 commandments. What makes you think those same kinds of people wouldn't fight against all other restrictions? Next time you read about some law, etc ask yourself, "just where in the Constitution is the authority to exercise that power enumerated?" If it's not written there explicitly, it has not been given.


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