Thursday, June 27, 2019

I hate socialized medicine but ...

I recently went in to have my BP checked and to get new prescriptions for my BP pills. That was a month ago. I received a bill for $107.01 as my part of the office visit which I expected since I have a Plan G supplemental. Then I looked at the statement. My doctor billed Medicare and my insurance carriers for 1) $439 and also for 2) $288 for this 15-20 minute visit where the nurse weighed me, took my BP, O2 levels, and heart rate. I then waited for the DO and requested prescriptions ( He wrote 3) and we visited a bit about my father who had passed 4 yrs ago. Yes, insurance covers most of the costs but that is not the point. This doctor whom I've known for over 62 yrs is screwing the people of the USA through his greed. His services MIGHT have been worth a hundred bucks at best, NOT $727. He and his practice, owned by Mountain View Hospital in LC, NM at ripping the system off. It is nothing short of horrendous. When the medical community behaves in this way, I become a socialist or an ALT-right guy. Either we place ALL medical people under a socialized system where the government pays them a living wage, not an excessive wage, or we hang a bunch of them in the public square. Either way this bullshit has got to stop. Ripping of the government is killed medicare. Ripping off insurance is screwing the person because costs go up as payouts increase. And don't tell me about the value of doctors. As a professor, I taught dozens their chemistry and I know what little their "advanced" programs add. Doctors are mechanics of the human body and haven't seen a real change in their models in a million yrs. I view them at the same level I view lawyers, overblown twitter-pated bovines.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

How the hell did private real property arise in DC?

DC - the District - a ceding of land from originally VA and MD to the Union in order to provide a location for the government. So all land in the ceded plot was from states to the federal government. I ask then how did this federal land meant to be used for governmental purposes end up in the hands of private folks? If the land had been kept federal then places for the Congress folks to stay could have been built and there would be minimal cost since the properties would always belong to the Union. What happened? How did it happen? Is it legitimate? Is it constitutional? I think not.