Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Universal Background checks to run for office, any office

The current push for more stringent background checks including 'universal' checks, i.e. even private sales of firearms, got me to thinking. Yeah, I know thinking can be dangerous since the government can't have the subjects thinking. Shouldn't we have 'universal' AND in depth background checks on all persons running for political office? Shouldn't we know their secrets, their histories such as any and all legal issues, their driving records, their school histories, every comment they have made about anything? We are considering allowing these people to set forth laws, rules, and regulations. We need to know their every whim. We need to know what they watch/read online, on TV, listen to on the radio, talk about in private and public. We need to know their habits from eating to smoking to drinking to everything. You want a life in public service We have the right to know that you are honorable, honest, trustworthy. If background checks are important on firearms, they are doubly important when it comes to those we entrust with authority. We need to know about the demagogues. We need to know about the morality. We need to know about the sins. We need to know the psychological proclivities of the person so no medical history can be off limits when we are placing someone in a position of authority through our choices. Once elected We know that these people will impact our lives. When it comes to firearms that guy in upstate Maine is highly unlikely to ever impact Jose down in southern California. But political ideas float across the boundaries. We have a Right, an absolute need to know exactly who it is We are allowing to exercise authority of any kind. We should extend these background checks to all government employees.