Monday, September 30, 2019

People - Protect your God endowed Rights

Listening to Christian talk radio this a.m., I heard the reports of a poll about that evangelicals think is important. Healthcare was number 1 down to abortion as number 5. The responses in this poll are troubling because none of these people seem to understand the most important of all Rights, the one that maintains all others, the Right to keep and bear Arms. No other Right or privilege can be assured without the Right to keep and bear Arms, the sole Right that is the palladium of all others. Without some way of enforcing one's Rights, governments and people will trample on anything and everything that gets in their way. Regardless of the point we are at in the USA, history provides thousands of examples of how governments and people have violated the sanctity of God's endowments on his Children. Without Arms, one cannot keep Satan in check and Satan will raise his evil head to enslave anyone and everyone. The purpose of Arms is to protect all Rights including the Right to choose one's religious beliefs. Without Arms there is no Life, no Liberty, no Pursuit of Happiness, no freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, no freedom from search and seizure, no guarantee of due process, nada, nothing. So when any pols comes forth the NUMBER 1 choice must always be the Right to keep and bear Arms in order that all other Rights can be protected.