Wednesday, August 31, 2005



For all those who think the credit card companies are kind, loving, concerned corporate entities, you better think twice. The CC companies are a part of the new slave masters. Today though, instead of outright owning you, they simply own everything you buy. There is no altruistic intent on their part. They have on and only one ideal. Get you hooked and keep you hooked.

Today, I was calling my card company and hung up after feeling like puking with their "oh we feel so bad for all the victims of Katrina". "We're setting up ways to help." BS! These are vultures looking to squeeze the last drop of blood out of the turnip. Do not be fooled. There are no good credit companies. They exist for PROFIT only regardless of what they do to their customer. And the more hooks they get into you, the more they like it.

It's fine to have a card but use it correctly. Pay no service charge. Pay no interest. Pay all balances in full. If you ain't got the money to do so, don't freakin buy!!!!!


Monday, August 29, 2005

New laws to protect us from eminent domain

The "stupidity level" of people in the US is rising, rising quickly. All over the US in various states, the politicians are rushing to "protect" private property from eminent domain. Only one problem exists. One legislature canot bind another latter legislature. So long as the sheeple idly sit here allowing bullshit legislation to be passed under the claim that it protects private property, the "stupidity level" will grow. Yes, one legislature can pass all the laws it wants to keep eminent domain in check but the next legislature can simply undo those laws even if they commit political suicide. Hell, I don't care about my political future if I've already been able to steal all your real estate.

The only way the People are going to keep the politicians (and judges) in check is to get smart by learning the truth about the place of government and the limitations of government. The People must reach th epoint they realize the courts are not in charge, the People are. If we disagree with the Courts, THEY have to conform to us, not us to them. FOr too long the People have been brainwashed. For too long the sheeple have accepted the garbage spewed forth as truth in the government run schools. Get off you ass and learn something. You really don't know shit.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

A proper citizen

How is one a proper citizen of one's country? What are the requisite responsibilities or citizenship?

The list is long but for me the most important measure of a proper citizen comes through firearms ownership. The US Constitution states it thus: A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

How about you? Are you armed? Are you well-regulated with those Arms? Do you have any idea about what I am asking? Possibly but probably not.

One of the primary responsibilities of citizenship in any of the States that comprise the Union known as the United States of America is that of Arms ownership coupled with being well-regulated. A person well-regulated with respect to that person's Arms is a person who is trained in the art of Arms use. If one does not own Arms or if one does but one does not practice regularly with those Arms, one is not a legitimate, responsible citizen of the United States. The simple fact is that being well-regulated means one is trained in the use of one's weapons. If one is not properly regulated, if one does not own Arms, one is in violation of the US Constitution.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

self-esteem or vanity ????

All too often our society is concerned with so-called self-esteem, or more so the negative effects of interactions on self-esteem. Once again I would like to point out that external forces do not affect or effect self-esteem. Self-esteem is an internal mechanism and is developed through a process of accomplishment. External massaging by teachers and others does nothing for self-esteem. External forces develop vanity.

When great concern is shown for the "feelings' of our children, self-esteem is not the issue, vanity is. When the children become vain, they lose all connection to reality. Their own self-value, self-worth is tied to others. Vanity is fleeting.

Rather than continue in the direction of developing and maintaining a vain society, we need to reeducate those who educate. Self-esteem develops because one recognizes that one is able to accomplish a task well. Vanity develops when other stroke us.

Quit stroking. Go learn to do things. Accomplish something on your own without external recognition. Self-esteem will follow.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Hey I'm 18! I'm grown up! I'm an adult!


All you stupid little idiots out there think that turning 18 makes you an adult.

Actually it's all a lie to get you off guard and place you on the road to corporate enslavement. If you had one iota of brain function, you would understand what is really happening. You parents can step back and no longer support you and corporate America can get into your pockets. You can sign contracts, borrow money, go into debt, get married, etc etc etc. Are these positives to turning 18? Are there positives for turning 18? Not many. In fact, I find it difficult to think of even one, other than the right to vote, IF you ever exercise that!!!

You can be drafted into military service but you can't buy a drink. If you go to college, you still need your parents info until you turn 25. So you are a partial adult but the only part you have is that part that takes you down a path to serfdom, to financial slavery. All that great credit is not to help you. It is to enslave you and the new "Massas: know how to own slaves without having to support them. You haven't gained freedoms, you have lost them. Sure your parents had rules. Sure your parents controlled you. But you parents loved you and would do anything for you. Your new controllers don't give a F--k. They have one goal. Control.

Why? Because for those of you who haven't figured it out, the US is owned by corporate entities and the laws that are passed are for their benefit not yours. Oh yes, they make things seem like it is for your benefit because they know enough to fool your dumb ass. And it is easier to fool young, gullible people like an 18 year old.

Those of us in the baby boomers were just as stupid when we fought for a lowered voting age. We didn't gain anything. We should have pushed to get the draft age raised to 21 so that we could have a bit more time to really grow up.

So next time you are out there thinking about your 18th birthday and how great it is to become an adult, remember turning 18 doesn't complete the cycle; it just starts a new one.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Why we are losing to the government

The world today is one where the govenrment is working ferociously toward total control, toward cradle to grave control, of the People. The People are losing because the People are ignorant. Better than 90% have no idea --- of anything! Of those who think they know, 90% don't! I have found that 99.99% are wrong about the proper role of the individual and the proper role of government. But those in government have found how to take any power their puny hearts desire, while tossing scraps to the woefully ignorant populace.

As I read the many blogs, webpages, and internet news sites, I see a dearth of knowledge. When I attempt to point out the lack of knowledge, I am met with anger at best, and most often with apathy.

One of the simplest issues about which I have tried to educate People is the First Amendment but my teaching gore too many oxen. People don't want to know the truth. People want everything they own way. The First Amendment never did and still does not bind State and local governments. State and local governments may control religion, the press, speech, etc UNLESS the appplicable state constitution provides protection in these areas. The supreme Court, being the created, canot legitimately extend the First Amendment to State and local govenrments. Extending the First is legislating which is an area of power not delegated to the supreme Court.

And even when the supreme Court makes a decision, we the People are not bound to it if we the People decide it is not a proper decision. Now when did you even hear anyone tell you such a thing. The course of this statement is Sir William Blackstone in his Commentaries. I suppose however that none of our judges has ever read Blackstone and so has no idea of the rightful position of judges as servants of the People, not rulers over.

So if you want ot learn something, I'd suggest reading my book, studying the Constitution and reading the the books listed in the bibliography of my book. No I don't want to take us back 200 years. The totalitarian bent we are currently upon has already taken us back 300 years and I'm trying to get us back on track.