Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Testing God

I have been told by many a Christian preacher that God tests each of us. They say that the tests are to see if you are still faithful to Him and that anything that does not kill makes you stronger. For many years, I fell for those claims. Now I realize that a loving Father would never test us. A loving Father would allow us to learn right from wrong by way of our own decisions; that is we have freedom of choice. In reality, we test God just like young people test the limits their parents place on them. However with God, His love is perfect and He allows us full choice in our actions. We have freedom to choose right from wrong, good from bad. God as the perfect Father allows us free reign to make our choices. In the manner in which good parents behave, God, as the perfect Father, is there if and when we find our way back. But He never really left us it was we who left Him. God never leaves us nor does he test us. All too often we in our limited understanding confuse our own testing with that from above. The only test God has is our belief in Him. Whether we believe or not, we are free to live our lives as we see fit. We may or may not attain what we desire. No one of us leaves the Earth differently than anyone else. We take only one possession, our ethics, with us. Remember these words when you are feeling the trials of life. You brought them on yourself because you failed to heed the past. You tested the waters and the waters burned you. Find the straight and narrow path, stay on it. Life will be better for you there.

God will not measure us based upon our words. He will measure us by our deeds.